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Meet Sandy

Sandy and her husband, Skip, chose Thibodaux as a place to live and raise their family because of all it had to offer.  That wasn't the case for Sandy's great-great-grandfather who was forced to leave Thibodaux in search of opportunities that didn't exist. 


With three children, their spouses, and 8 grandchildren, Sandy doesn't want this to be true for them - or any family who merely desires economic prosperity, safety, and a thriving community.  This is why Sandy is running for Mayor.


Sandy has been a community and administrative leader for over 30 years - from educating children and leading schools to serving as President of the State Board of Education, Rotary, and most recently the Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce.  She has overseen the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars to ensure that those investments improve outcomes in our state and community.  Sandy has the proven leadership, vision, and experience Thibodaux needs to get things done.


Sandy has fought hard for Thibodaux and our community and she is ready to put that same grit and determination to work for the citizens of Thibodaux.

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